Lisa will find a place in the sun for every developer

Who is Lisa?
– Lisa is learning
LISA AI is a neural network and worth making friends with if you want to remain a high-demand programmer in professional circles.
Asks a lot of questions because it's constantly learning
– Lisa advises
Based on your answers, shares tips and gives you a vector for development
– Lisa helps

Is going to make a great resume for you and send it to the employer
What if I'm not a programmer?
For now, LISA only works in IT development, but in the future is sure to master more professions:)
Hobbies: Play the guitar, watch movies, drink Chinese tea.

Professional interesta: Graphic design, UX / UI design of applications and sites, Motion design.

Superpower: an ability to produce designs right here and right now and create a whole lending website out of one subparagraph of text.
And ..."Oscar" for being the most meticulous worker goes to Artem Mikhailov. .

Artem is always attentive and responsible when it comes to work. His rule is to decompose task to sub-sub-sub-task to consider the nuances when developing new regimes or implementing complicated strategies.

He is not afraid to take the lead and prefers to iron things out until they are pitch-perfect.
Architect, Android developer
How to solve a problem? Formulate the objective, google, plan a solution step by step, delegate tasks to the perpetrators.

How to solve a problem when Alexander is around? Formulate the objective, hear when it is going to be solved. 100% probability, checked and certified!

However, he is not always that impeccably consistent: he is fond of dogs, but has two cats at home.
Architect, JavaScript Full-Stack
Supervises all the paper work and legal affairs.
Out lawyer and "the paper specialist"
There's no such word as "impossible" for Andrei, if you ponder a problem long enough, the solution will definitely come (sooner or later).

Andrei has a versatile personality, his planning board is filled with sticky notes with fresh, unique ideas. Anyone who knows him is sure - he has enough energy to translate them into reality.
Loves reading user agreements, drafting specs in five wordings, and telling people they're cool.

Hobbies: singing, StandUp, TikTok
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